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Forgiveness Short Story Contest

Trainwreck Books is working with Flash Fiction Magazine to sponsor their first writing contest. Flash Fiction Magazine was created to showcase creative short stories with a Christian influence. Not all Christian stories are preachy, and they don't necessary have to contain a focus on God or Jesus. Yet they do have some sort of Christian quality as the center focus of the story. 

Examples of Christian qualities can be: Servanthood; Humility; Compassion; and Patience. 

For this contest we are going with the quality of Forgiveness

Grace should be an unwavering quality by any follower of Christ. While the rest of the world may show resentment and hold grudges, a legitimate Christian should always show grace and forgiveness. (Ephesians 4:32) PrizesShortlist Winners: Selected shortlist winning stories will be published in an anthology novel published by Trainwreck Books. Number of shortlist winners will be determined by the number of entries received. Estimat…

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